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Hey wonderful humans,

I guess we are all always searching for happiness and positivity in our lives. But what is that really? The big house, new car, traveling to places far away and exotic, being in love, getting new clothes, a good time with friends, always smiling…? I think you can find happiness in those things but it is fleeting and will only last for a bit because it is attached to outside circumstances. Real happiness and a positive attitude towards the world should come from inside of us. Of course we can’t always be happy and rejoice through life like a little girl with pigtails upon a flower meadow. But not attaching your happiness to things you cannot foresee or influence, made me into a more content and positive person.
Even though it’s tough and I have to practice it ever single day again.
Well in the last year, a lot has happened in my life
and some perspectives have gravely shifted for me. I feel like I’ve finally become more myself and found some techniques to be more positive and happy. Not that I wasn’t happy before but now I feel like i can be more happy independent from outside matters and with just myself.
I guess this is also more present than ever being in a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali right now. The YTT is exactly what I didn’t want but apparently needed in my life: It is very spiritual, theoretical and not physical at all but somehow drew in all those inspiring and interesting people from all over the world. So my first impulse was to fight against it, then I somehow surrendered into it and now I’m embracing this time I have to learn amazing things from and with those beautiful humans…
Here are my personal tipps for a more positive attitude in life and something that has worked for me to become more stable because I tend to be very influenced by my outside world.

1. Let go off things you cannot change
It has happened so many times that the train was late, traffic crazy or the weather interfering with my plans… But what to do? Get all worked up, use all your energy to be angry and send out negative energy into the world? Just try to assess what’s agitating you, making you angry and see if you can change the situation. If you can, great, go for it! If not you have to options: get more angry and ruin your day and probably someone else’s too or let go off it, make the best out of it and surrender. Use your energy more wisely! I have learned that most times, if something doesn’t go as planned at all and everything seems to fall apart that’s exactly how it had to happen.

2. Be more generous with other people
This has happened probably so everyone to some extend numerous times: a person runs into you and doesn’t say anything, cuts the line to the bathroom without even looking at you, steps on the busy train and doesn’t notice you need to fit in too, is just plain rude, says something offending and many many more… I guess you get the picture. But again, do you want to give into that? Maybe that person had a horrible day, someone else, like his mother, got at him, he is in pain or he just got a bad message. It might not excuse the behavior at all but makes it easier for you to not get involved and let the person be. I’ve been in situations where I just couldn’t believe how people talked to me out of the blue and I used to jump on it right away, get all worked up and end up fighting and arguing. But will I ever get what I want out of that: them apologizing, seeing that it wasn’t fair or a normal conversation by biting back? Definitely not. So it’s on me to change the situation for my personal benefit by stepping out of it, walking around the person, being generous towards them and considering that it isn’t personal at all. if you just can’t just walk away, you could make them aware of their behavior in a polite and non-accusatory way. Try it out next time, the day will be so much more blissful.

3. Be more patient with yourself
Ok, definitely been the trickiest for me, not to be too hard on myself… If you’re being lazy for a whole day, don’t accomplish everything, maybe even fail… Don’t regret it or be mad at yourself, take your time, be patient and get there on your terms and time. Sometimes you just need some time than others. Failing is part of the journey and without it we could never succeed in something…

Love and happiness from Bali
Your Sinah
P.S. Thanks to my parents who have been trying to teach me all those things for so many years and finally they’re sinking in…