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we all know our world is drowning in waste. Tons and tons of plastic swim in our oceans and will last forever. Even if we try and use no more plastic from now on – which is almost impossible nowadays – there is still so much all over Mother Earth that there has to be another approach.

Another problem our world has is poverty and the growing gap between rich and poor. There might be no other place where this is as obvious as here in Cape Town. I read the other day that all billionaires in this world made enough money in 2017 to end poverty in the world seven times. I have absolutely no proof of this comment and it might just be made up but what if it’s only half true?
One way to try and stall this ever growing gap is education – educating the young generations and creating opportunity through knowledge.
We have a few big problems in our modern world and these two are definitely in the Top5. But what should we do?
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