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Challenge: No Sugar – No Problem RELOADED


Photography by www.sebastiangabriel.comHey lovelies,

Hey Lovelies,

this time, the challenge is going to be mainly in english. Just to not exclude my wonderful international friends…

So here it is again: No Sugar – No Problem!

I get to go to Cape Town on April 9th and thought that this would be the perfect timing for another silly challenge. It’s pretty straight forward with NO industrial sugar for 1 month. That’s all it is. Doesn’t sound too tricky… but beware, it’s harder than you think.

The Guidelines.

IMG_6983no industrial sugar (look out for hidden sugars)

fruit is allowed

yes to maple sirup (real/organic), honey (also real/organic), stevia (if you really have to)

no artificial sweetner

It all starts tomorrow, March10th, everyone is welcome and there is going to be a Facebook Event. Join to ask questions, give tips and exchange new knowledge!

I’m also going to take some „before“ pictures tomorrow morning to see really if there are changes in my body. I don’t eat a lot of sugar but more than I think and want.

You’re in???

Let’s do it!!!!

Your Sinah b4217f5af2279ba38ce5858fe40e5f78

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